Antwerp QC, Much of Belgian Core, Leaves Competitive Quidditch

Credit: Jenna Bollweg

Form continued to hold in the second half of our Round of 32, with the sport’s most successful and highly-seeded programs easing their way into the Sweet 16. No one, two or three seeds on this side of the bracket came up short of 80 percent of the vote. Surprisingly, No. 1 seed Texas State University actually received the smallest share, but that was more likely a result of their staunch oppositionLSU’s contributions to the sport are incredibly large for a program that has largely fallen off the map in recent yearsthan a knock on the Bobcats’s program.

Meanwhile, both No. 5 seeds did score “upsets,” with the University of Kansas resting on its laurels of a historic program with many contributors and New York University being able to point to the numerous contributions of Amanda Dallas.

With the Round of 32 now in the books, we turn our attention to the Sweet 16, where many of the most storied programs begin to go head-to-head. Tufts University and Boston University, who both earned 91 percent of the vote in this round, will face off, while Emerson College battles Bowling Green State University and a surprisingly vulnerable Texas A&M University goes up against the University of Miami. Don’t miss your chance to vote now.

No. 1 Texas State University over No. 9 LSU
Result: 81 percent to 19 percent

No. 5 New York University over No. 4 UNC
Result: 84 percent to 16 percent

No. 3 Tufts University over No. 6 University of Arkansas
Result: 91 percent to 9 percent

No. 2 Boston University over No. 7 Michigan State University
Result: 91 percent to 9 percent

No. 1 University of Maryland over No. 8 Penn State University
Result: 89 percent to 11 percent

No. 5 University of Kansas over No. 4 RPI
Result: 81 percent to 19 percent

No. 3 Baylor University over No. 6 Boise State University
Result: 86 percent to 14 percent

No. 2 University of Michigan vs. No. 10 Appalachian Apparators
Result: 85 percent to 15 percent

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