The Eighth Man


Midwest Tournaments

3/16/13 Grindylow Cup (Winner: Ball State University)

2/2/13-2/3/13 Glass City Classic (Winner: Michigan State University)

11/4/12 Marquette v. Minnesota

11/3/12 Heartland West

10/27/12 Great Lakes Conference Tournament (Winner: Michigan State University)

10/20/12-10/21/12 Phoenix Cup (Winner: Ball State University)

10/20/12 Kansas Cup (Winner: University of Kansas)

10/13/12 Cowboy Cup (Winner: University of Kansas)

10/13/12 Harry and Draco Rivalry Tournament (Winner: University of Michigan)

10/6/12 Dumbledore Memorial Tournament (Winner: Ball State University)

9/22/12 Horntail Invitational (Winner: University of Kansas)