The Boys and Girls of Summer: Margo Aleman

The Boys and Girls of Summer is a new series featuring less heralded players making names for themselves over the course of the fantasy season. We start with the recently crowned West Fantasy MVP, Margo Aleman. In the quidditch community, it is farfetched to imagine an elite seeker remaining more … Continue reading

Anatomy of an Upset: LSU vs. Lost Boys

Outside of the World Cup title itself, LSU defeating the Lost Boys was the most publicized result of the tournament. If you don’t believe me, just ask the dozens of people that ran like the Battle of Marathon just ended to spread it to the world, interupting captain’s meetings and … Continue reading

Finding the Black Sheep at Black Swamp

The Black Swamp Fantasy tournament, hosted at Bowling Green State University, kicked off the fantasy season with a novel drafting premise. But the tournament shone not just in novelty but in execution as well, with a fun but competitive nature, a smooth running schedule, and beautiful weather. The way that … Continue reading

Canada Fantasy Mock Draft

One of the biggest fantasy tournaments of the season drafts tonight with eighth general managers from both sides of the border taking part in Canada Fantasy. For those who can’t wait to see how the pieces will fall, The Eighth Man has you covered with a mock draft of the … Continue reading

Fantasy Quidditch Draft Guide

It’s been almost two years since I wrote my original “opus” on quidditch fantasy drafting. Since then, I’ve had a few more successes at the draft table, but I’ve also had a few failures. Hey, sometimes everything goes right, sometimes your 280 galleon seeker starts throwing up after the first … Continue reading


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