The Eighth Man

Unofficial Tournaments

9/21/2013 NYDC v. VCU Scrimmage (Winner: NYDC)

9/21/2013 Southern Illinois Quidditch Open (Winner: Tennessee Technological University)

9/21/2013 Fresh and Fly Exposition (Winner: New York University)

9/21/2013 Toledo Warm Up Tournament (Winner: University of Toledo)

9/21/2013 Second Annual Oklahoma Kickoff (Winner: Oklahoma State University)

7/6/2013 Firemercs (Western Fantasy)  (Winner: Red (Rodriguez))

6/30/2013 Canada Day Fantasy (Winner: Blue (Jamie))

6/29/2013 Mid-Atlantic Fantasy (Winner: Red (Yada))

6/14/2013 Midwest Fantasy (Winner: Orange (Colby)