Antwerp QC, Much of Belgian Core, Leaves Competitive Quidditch

Updated graph (without rollover) provided for your viewing convenience here:

Another IQA World Cup has come and gone, and, with it, 107* more data points for our World Elo Ratings. The top nine teams remain unchanged but with a couple shifts among them. Australia has risen one spot to second overall. Belgium has jumped three spots to third overall, and Turkey has climbed two spots to seventh overall. The other semifinalist, the U.K., fell two spots after coming in as the second highest-rated team overall, and this marks the first international tournament the Brits have played in which their rating has dropped since the original 2012 Summer Games.

Full Elo ratings for all 31 international teams can be seen in the table below, along with our updated graph above taking into account all 2018 results to date.

*103 World Cup games and four friendlies played before World Cup

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