Antwerp QC, Much of Belgian Core, Leaves Competitive Quidditch

The Eighth Man’s goal has always been to provide high-quality and professional analysis & news to the quidditch community in a timely manner. While this publication has succeeded in doing that these past eight years, we also acknowledge our failure to represent the quidditch community and underrepresented groups as a whole in both our analysis and our staffing. Today we take the first concrete step to fixing that problem with our revamped staff announcement. 











As announced earlier, I–Ethan Warren–will assume the role of The Eighth Man Editor-in-Chief, effective immediately. I am honored to have this opportunity to build upon the work of my predecessors and focus on both expansion and inclusion in the quidditch community. 


Amanda Dallas will step down from her previous position as Editor-in-Chief and will remain on staff as a correspondent. I thank Dallas for all she has done to facilitate this transition and look forward to seeing the work that she does as a correspondent.  


Ethan Sturm will step down from his position as Managing Editor and will also remain on staff as a correspondent. We have not found a replacement for Managing Editor yet and are welcoming all applications for the position. 


As mentioned earlier, part of my vision for the future of The Eighth Man includes a focus on both expansion and inclusion. To do so, we have committed to revamping both our YouTube channel and our podcast network. Nik Jablonski will serve as our Multimedia Editor, ensuring our podcast network and YouTube shows function smoothly. We are excited to announce three podcasts which will rotate weekly under the umbrella of The Eighth Man: “The Pod” with Kellan Cupid and Ethan Warren, “The Big Man Bias” with Ashton Jean-Lewis, and “The Beat” with Ian Scura and Emily Hickmott. Scura will also serve as our Podcast Editor. As reported earlier, we are retiring “The Seeker Floor” and thank Ethan Sturm as well as his previous co-hosts for all their work on the show. We are very lucky to have all these amazing voices and personalities join us and feel that they can help us expand our voice in the quidditch community. Our Youtube shows are still mostly under development but we are ready to introduce one show, “The Play”, where a rotating expert will breakdown one specific play for 5-10 minutes a week. We are delighted to announce multi-time national champion coach Azeem Hussain as one of our rotating experts. Finally, we are very excited to welcome Tessa Mullins to the multimedia team as our graphic designer. 


We are also expanding our interview network this season. We believe having a dedicated post-game interviewer for each region will help newer names in the collegiate scene get more deserved attention. Tad Walters will lead this team, which includes Christian Barnes (Northeast), David Littleton (Mid-Atlantic), Emmanuel Cureton (South), Raghu Achukola (Southwest), Amani Burton (Great Lakes), and Eric Shen & Chanun Ong (West). Walters will also serve as the Midwest interviewer; we are still seeking a Northwest interviewer. We are excited to invite everyone on this team to our staff and to see what they can do.


We are also pleased to announce two final staff members: Ryan Davis will join us as a web developer working with current Technical Director Kevin Oelze, and Badal Chandra will join us as a correspondent. 


While this is a rather large announcement, we know that it is also only a first step in our ongoing efforts to become a more inclusive organization. We are still looking for a managing editor, a copy editor, and a northwest interviewer on staff and welcome applications for these positions. 


We want to thank everyone for your continued readership. This site was started eight years ago with the aim of heightening the level of analysis in our sport, and we hope to continue to deliver on this mission for years to come for all of the quidditch community.

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