Antwerp QC, Much of Belgian Core, Leaves Competitive Quidditch

Credit: Peterson's Broomsticks

Credit: Peterson’s Broomsticks

Peterson’s Broomsticks Inc. has purchased the intellectual property rights to snitch gear from Quiyk for an undisclosed sum.

Rumors of Quiyk closing its doors and seeking a buyout for their signature shorts first emerged this summer, and after they failed to reach a deal with both Row West and USQ, the apparel company struck up an agreement with Kevin Peterson, owner and president of Peterson’s Broomsticks.

“People kept asking me to start making shorts since Quiyk was still out of stock after several months,” Peterson said. “I approached them—they didn’t approach initially since I historically hadn’t done much in terms of apparel and didn’t think I would be interested.”

The prototypes are currently on their way to Peterson’s Broomsticks and will be tested upon arrival. He projects that he will have the shorts ready for purchase between early December and late January, depending on trial runs.

Peterson’s current target price is $45 a set. This would include the sock, shorts and shirt. The actual price will be announced with the launch of preordering, which is expected in the near future.

Users will notices a few alterations to the signature shorts design. Pockets will be added, and the cut will be loosened, creating a more athletic fit. Also, in an effort to make the product more cost efficient, the soft side of the velcro will be sewn onto the sock rather than the shorts. This will allow for the user to replace the $6 sock, rather than the shorts, when the soft side of the velcro begins to wear thin.

Additionally, teams outside of the United States will have the option to purchase an “International Box.”

“This will have as many pairs of snitch gear as I can fit in a particular flat rate box and be sold at a fixed price that includes shipping,” Peterson said. “While several sets will have to be purchased at the same time, this will allow for economical shipping to finally supply snitch gear to our fellow players on other continents.”

Peterson has been making moves to increase his revenue stream this year by stocking chemically-colored PVC brooms, a new line of solid-colored headbands and The Play Book. However, the addition of snitch shorts to his repertoire should produce a tangible increase in overall revenue for the quidditch company.

Peterson is also planning to add mouthguards, collapsible-center hoop poles, a pole bag and collapsible brooms to his list of goods.

In an effort to further diversify the market and increase the availability of snitch shorts, USQ is also speaking with businesses who are interested in producing snitch shorts, said USQ CEO Alex Benepe.

For more info on Peterson’s snitch shorts and to catch a glimpse of the design, check out his website.

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