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March Madness: Round of 32 Part One Recap

Credit: Matt Dwyer

Much like the NCAA basketball tournament that inspired this bracket, chalkor higher seedsheld strong in the first half of our Round of 32. With the exception of No. 5 Arizona State University’s win over No. 4 University of Missouri, higher seeds swept the round, promising some exciting Sweet 16 matchups.

The closest matchup of the round surprisingly involved a No. 1 seed. Texas A&M University “only” won with 74 percent of the vote, with voters commenting on their drop-off during the World Cup 8 season and lack of major off-field contributions to the sport. It may be something to keep an eye on as they take on the University of Miami in the next round with a potential matchup against Bowling Green State University or Emerson College looming.

Now, attention turns to the right half of the bracket, where the top seeds in two more contentious regions attempt to do the same. We’ll spare you the recaps to these eight blowouts, and save the arguments for these elite programs for another day. For now, get out and vote for the next eight Round of 32 matchups.

No. 1 University of Texas over No. 8 University of Minnesota
Result: 96 percent to 4 percent

No. 5 Arizona State University over No. 4 University of Missouri
Result: 86 percent to 14 percent

No. 3 Ball State University over No. 6 Ohio State University
Result: 89 percent to 11 percent

No. 2 UCLA over No. 10 University of Rochester
Result: 89 percent to 11 percent

No. 1 Texas A&M University over No. 9 Sam Houston State University
Result: 74 percent to 26 percent

No. 4 University of Miami over No. 5 Villanova University
Result: 92 percent to 8 percent

No. 3 Emerson College over No. 6 Hofstra University
Result: 85 percent to 15 percent

No. 2 Bowling Green State University over No. 7 Rutgers University
Result: 90 percent to 10 percent

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