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Titans Knock Out the Whiteout


The last time we saw the New York Titans play it was anything but stellar. Mismanaged subs and poor finishing plagued the team as they failed to keep a single game in snitch range against the 9-0 Boston Night Riders.

The teams first game at the MLQ Championship couldn’t have been any more different as the team bolted out to an early lead and won 150*-80.

While the Titans’ game against the Whiteout was widely accepted to be the most highly anticipated first-round matchup, the likes of Lindsay Marella, Augie Monroe and Michael Parada were determined to make sure the game wasn’t close.

From the beginning of the game, Marella proved that the hype behind her as a rising star was well deserved as she scored the first goal of the game on a monstrous slam over Rochester’s Jon Jackson.

After the young Rutgers University stud made that statement, the Titans never turned back.

Instead of controlling his own line like he has most season, Parada took the back seat on a stacked line with Monroe, Marella and Tim Keaney.

The result was maybe the most productive Titan chasing lineup anyone has seen.

Keaney led the team with a hat trick, but Parada and Monroe weren’t far behind with a pair of goals each.

Monroe added a pair of assists to lead the team in points.

New York’s next game will be against the North Division Champion Indianapolis Intensity who played an overall closer game than expected against the Ottawa Black Bears.

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