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Boston versus New York Rivalry to Continue in MLQ Championship Final



The Boston Night Riders went through the entire regular season without playing in a single snitch-range game and going into the final at the MLQ Championship the Rides have maintained that streak.

In a 180*-60 semifinal win against Cleveland Riff, a combination of strong finishing and stellar offensive beating by the likes of Max Havlin led to an MLQ post-season record of seven goals by Harry Greenhouse.

At times, Riff managed to hold bludger control for extended periods by using a dual-male beating set and strategic positioning, but the Northern squad simply couldn’t prevent Night Rider penetration.

Once Boston’s beaters divided to take on Cleveland’s beaters individually, they distracted Chad Brown and company enough to clear lanes for Greenhouse to rack up more goals than Riff could as an entire team.



A 150*-60 New York Titans win against the No.1 seeded Indianapolis Intensity might technically be considered an upset.

But when the Titans ousted Indy to make it to the finals in the MLQ’s inaugural season, it looked like anything but an upset.

As New York came out of the gate slow, Indianapolis’s fluid passing kept the game at 50-50 about 10 minutes in. New York was in trouble.

Once the Titans put in their most efficient chasing line of Augustine Monroe and Michael Parada everything changed. This time, with the help of Jaime Colon (three goals) and Taylor Crawford (five goals), the Titans’ duo helped New York go on a 60-point run to take the game out of range.

With the highly anticipated Boston vs. New York rematch set for the finals, expect to see a high dose of Parada and Monroe on the pitch together.


Boston shutout the Titans in the regular season, but once the teams play at 5:30 pm, a few key changes in New York’s roster could make the MLQ Championship final a bit more interesting.

Parada, Colon and beater Kyle Jeon were all absent when the Titans made the trip to Boston, but each has made critical contributions to New York’s run in Toledo thus far.

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