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All-Campus Cup: Meet the GMs

Original Photo Credit: Shirley Lu

Original Photo Credit: Shirley Lu

As part of our Fantasy Fantasy Tournament series, The Eighth Man’s All-Campus Cup will kick off tonight at 5:45 pm ET. Each round of the draft will be streamed live on our Facebook page. Two rounds will be completed each Thursday at 5:45 pm ET until we have finished 14 picks per team. Now, let’s meet the general managers competing to hoist the virtual trophy.

Fiona Wisehart is a graduating senior at RPI, coming off her second season as team captain. Since 2016, she has played quidditch at beater. In 2018, she made her first MLQ team, the Boston Night Riders, continuing on to play with the New York Titans last summer. Known for her speedy playstyle, she comes from a soccer and track background; if the field was covered with hurdles, it’d be over for you bitches. Now that she’s graduating, Wisehart looks forward to playing in the club league, where she plans on becoming the first-ever salaried quidditch player. If that doesn’t work out, she plans to be on The Great British Bake Off and use the fame to launch her own line of hair extensions.

Naresh Edala has played quidditch since the 2016-17 season, starting as a beater as a freshman at Rutgers University before an injury forced him into the quaffle game. Edala is most proud of his work as Rutgers’s president, rebuilding the team into a competitive program after a brief forced separation from the college division. Returning from suspension with a 1-15 record, the Rutgers team shocked many with their level of play and managed to go 14-11 in the 2019-20 season. Qualifying for USQ Cup 13 was an amazing hurdle to cross his senior year after watching the team be shut down by the school his freshman year, and his love for the sport has only increased.

Kellan Cupid started playing quidditch for New York University in 2017. His second year, he was voted in as the team captain and vice president, scouting and leading practices for his whole team. He plays chaser and seeker primarily (for now) and participated in MLQ with the New York Titans. Some may even recognize him for his clutch OT catch over University of Maryland at USQ Cup 12 that helped his team advance to their first-ever Final Four appearance. Cupid eagerly awaits to follow up the Thunder’s first NERC win this past fall with their first USQ Cup title next spring.

Zeke Majeske is a graduating senior at the University of Michigan. He has played quidditch for Michigan since he was a freshman, serving as a head captain this past season. Majeske has also played for the Detroit Innovators for the past three MLQ seasons, serving as the assistant coach this past season. Majeske is excited to represent the Great Lakes in this nationwide tournament!


Serena Monteiro recently completed four years of quidditch playing for the Tufts University Tufflepuffs. While at Tufts, she made an appearance in the Sweet 16 of USQ Cup 12 and was a 2019 Northeast Regional Runner-Up. She was part of the Boston Night Riders 2019 MLQ Championship team and is an assistant coach for the 2020 Riders. Additionally, Monteiro was part of the inaugural USNT Developmental Academy class. She plans to transition to a club team in the fall. This will be her third appearance as a fantasy tournament general manager. Her previous fantasy general manager record includes a first place finish at the 2019 Labor Day Fantasy and dead last with a nearly all-beater roster (go Purp!) at the 2019 MQC Thanksgiving Day Fantasy.

Tate Kay has been playing quidditch at the University of Texas since 2016 and is a current member of the USNT. Although he started as a chaser, Kay has played beater for the last three years and has been Texas’ captain for the last two. He has been to two collegiate national championship games, as a runner-up in USQ Cup 11 and winning USQ Cup 12. Kay also has played with the Austin Outlaws for the last two years, winning the 2018 MLQ Championship and taking runner-up in 2019. Things that Kay knows: It’s not a perfect game, 7 is a good number and to always HOOK’EM! 🤘

Sena Morimoto is the current president and captain of the Creighton University team. Born in Guam and raised in Hawaii, Morimoto comes from a soccer and rugby background. He serves as a keeper for Guam’s National Soccer Team. Morimoto found quidditch as a student worker in the same office as Coach Curtis Taylor where he thought he had to play just to be nice and so he wouldn’t get fired. Next year will be his third year playing collegiate quidditch as a keeper and second year as captain.

Kobe Kendall started playing for UC Irvine’s Anteater Quidditch in the 2017-18 season. Quickly becoming a key component of Irvine’s offense as a beater and seeker, Kendall secured every one of Irvine’s game-winning snitch catches during his debut season. In his second season, Kendall led his team to a historic Sweet 16 run at USQ Cup 12. Following this, he was invited to be part of the USNT Development Academy where he trained with USNT and other DA members last summer. Apart from playing, Kendall loves teaching quidditch and hopes to continue helping West college teams grow.

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