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Eighth Man Seeking to Hire Videographers


Credit: Billy Quach

Credit: Billy Quach

As quidditch has become a more legitimate and competitive sport we have seen teams develop increasingly unique strategies, identities and styles of play. To keep pace with the sport’s evolution, coaches and players across the country frequently scour the internet looking for film of opponents. Yet, despite the value of filmed footage, their efforts often yield lackluster results. I plan to address this problem head on as we enter the upcoming quidditch season.

My name is Alex Wilson. I am the new video editor for The Eighth Man, and I plan to make the 2014-2015 quidditch season the most documented yet.

I spent a good portion of last year filming teams in the Southwestyou may remember my Diamond Cup coverageand am looking at expanding my efforts. I am currently seeking a staff of individuals to help fulfill my goal of filming as many full games as possible at major tournaments throughout the year. By having even a single camera present to film each tournament, we as a community could dramatically improve the quality of video scouting available to the league. I am looking to hire videographers, both for regular commitments throughout the season and for event-specific or short-term commitments, who can be at major tournaments and make sure games are recorded.

Applicants do NOT need to own personal equipment, nor do they need to be in any kind of film major (though that is definitely an asset). All volunteers will, however, need access to equipment. The position also requires the ability to film a stable, full-field game and adhere to a tournament filming schedule.

Any and all interested parties should email with a resume and the answers to the following questions:

1. What is your name and team affiliation?
2. How long have you been involved in quidditch?
3. What makes you want to be involved in documenting quidditch this year?
4. Do you own or have access to film equipment (camera/tripod)? Does your school have rentals available?
5. What experience do you have with film?
6. What tournaments do you plan to attend this season? Are there any months during which you will be unavailable?

My major goal for this year is to make sure that there is at least one game filmed of each qualified team by World Cup (working title). I also hope to work with our newest addition to the staff,Videographer Billy Quach, to release a highlight video of each regional championship.

Below is an example of the kind of filming we are looking for from our volunteers. The camera should be stable and contain all of quaffle play. Video must be clear so that the game can be followed and players can be recognized.

Any questions about the position can be addressed to

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