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Eighth Man Editor-in-Chief to Step Down

Members of the Quidditch community,

I first wanted to thank you for coming on this ride with me over the past six months. You all have been nothing but reasonable and level-headed throughout our time together, especially in light of major change. You’ve been so understanding of the fact that we are doing something completely novel, and that there would be bumps in the road. You’ve truly grasped sports analysis, and have taken criticism and negative reviews so well.

But I realize that my time at the head of this project has reached its close. It’s time to take my talents to something other than Quidditch before I become a black eye – or black bludger – on our sport. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m just not talented enough to both offer criticism and only ever give positive analysis at the same time. I haven’t figured out how to balance being the silly blog they want and the serious media presence they deserve. It’s my time to slap and roll on, and I’m glad I was able to realize that before it was too late.

While I’ll be leaving the arena of Quidditch journalism, I’m excited about the hands that will handle my staff after I am gone. With pride, I’m pleased to announce that Mitch Cavender and Jason Winn will serve as co-Editors-in-chief, effective tomorrow.

I first realized that Cavender had the tools for the job when he showed extreme professionalism by throwing a chair onto the field in the middle of a game that took competitive quidditch to a new low. His vast experience actually playing the sport will make him a valued commodity in writing strategy articles about the different positions. And his rarely controversial views will be a breath of fresh air for us all.

Winn, on the other hand, always handles himself well. His Tumblr post, “What is the future of the IQA?”, really got to the heart of all of the biggest issues in the league. Much like Cavender, he is always ready to provide insightful, thoughtful additions to conversations, a trait I’m sure our staff will learn to covet.

“I’m truly excited to take on this role,” said Winn, though none of our writers could decide if he was being sarcastic or not.

For a sample of their skilled writing, I suggest checking out their recent roundtable answers.

I don’t expect our website to stop the beat due to my absence. At the end of the day, we have changed for the better. The sun will come out tomorrow, so don’t cry for me, Quidditch. Something’s coming, but just sit down, you’re rocking the boat. There’s a fine, fine line between writer and reader, but we’ve done this together, you and me – but mostly me.

Thank you all,

Ethan Sturm

Editor-in-Chief of The Eighth Man


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