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Welcome Back to the Eighth Man


After taking a break for the holiday season, The Eighth Man is back in full force for the spring season. With three American Regional Championships and a World Cup all being contested over the course of the next three months, there is plenty to discuss, and The Eighth Man has you covered every step of the way.


With more than two months of daily coverage under our belts, we’ve learned a lot about the dos and don’ts of elite quidditch analysis. But we’re also coming back with an arsenal of new features, as we count down to the sixth World Championship in our sport’s history. Want to know what’s around the bend? Read on!



World Cup Team Breakdowns

Starting next Monday, The Eighth Man will be your one-stop shop for scouting reports on the 60 teams that will compete in Orlando for the World Cup title. Along with our usual coverage, one of our writers will be breaking down a qualified team from top to bottom each day. From their key players to the breakout stars, their style of play to their weaknesses, their past results to their chances in April, we’ll give you a detailed portfolio on each and every side. We’ll get started off with a look at Ball State University on Jan. 21.



Let’s Go to the Video

Peter Lee uncovered a new dimension of dissecting quidditch with his analysis of the video of the World Cup V final for us in the fall. Since then, Tyler Rafferty has ran with the concept on his site, From The Keeper Zone. Expect us to dive further into the field of video this season, using it not only to dissect matches but also to look into defensive sets, offensive plays. We’ll start it off with an article about video analysis written by Rafferty himself later this week.



Make Yourself Heard

We are eager to get the community more involved this semester, and we’d love to hear from every last one of you. If you simply want to leave a comment, make a suggestion, or just say hello, you can contact us at If you want to respond to one of our writers’ articles in a more substantial way than a comment, or want to offer commentary on an issue popping up in the sport, you can submit a letter to the editor to the same email address. Letters should be between approximately 300 and 400 words, and letters chosen to be run will only be changed in regards to grammar and spelling.


Finally, if you want to offer a more substantial contribution to the site, we are always looking for guest writers. Email us with your interest, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss an idea with you. These articles will be edited more liberally than the letters for style purposes as they are receiving the approval of the site itself. Articles will usually be between 900 and 1400 words.



Let the Season Begin!

We hope you are all as excited for a new season to unfold as we are. For the first time ever, a new champion will be crowned in the sport of quidditch, and we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

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