The Eighth Man

World Cup Qualified Teams

Date: 10/13/12

Event: European Regionals

Paris Phénix


Date: 11/4/12

Event: Mid-Atlantic Regionals

University of Maryland


QC Pitt

Penn State University

Johns Hopkins University

Virginia Commonwealth University

QC Carolinas

University of Richmond


Date: 11/10/12-11/11/12

Event: Midwestern Regional Championship

Marquette University

Bowling Green state University

Ball State University

Michigan State University

University of Michigan

Purdue University

Ohio State University

Illinois State University

Kansas University

University of Minnesota


Date: 11/11/12

Event: Canadian Cup

McGill University

University of Ottawa

Carleton University


Date: 11/17/12 – 11/18/12

Event: Northeastern Regional Championships

Boston University




Boston Riot

SUNY Geneseo


New York University

University of Rochester

Rochester Institute of Technology

University of Massachusetts


Date: 12/1/12 – 12/2/12

Event: QUAFL (Australian Regional)

University of New South Wales


Date: 2/16/13 – 2/17/13

Event: Western Cup IV

Lost Boys

University of Southern California

Silicon Valley Skrewts

Arizona State University

Northern Arizona State University

Date: 2/23/13 – 2/24/13
Event: Southwest Regional Championship
Baylor University

University of Texas

Texas A&M

Texas State

Louisiana State University

Arkansas University

Austin Quidditch

Silver Phoenixes

Roadrunner Quidditch

Oklahoma State University


Date: 3/2/13 – 3/3/13
Event: Southern Regional Championship

University of Miami

Tennessee Technological University

University of Florida

University of Southern Mississippi

University of Southern Florida

Florida State University


Other International Teams

Tec Quidditch (Mexico)

Qwertyrians (Mexico)

Paris Frogs (France)

Milano Meneghins (Italy)