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World Cup Pots (based on current rankings)

World Cup Pool Explanation
World Cup pool selection will be done by separating the 60 qualified teams into five pots. One team from each pot will be selected for each pool by a computer, such that no more than two teams in a pool will be from the same region. The Pools will be selected on March 23rd based on the rankings at that time. We cannot presume to guess what pools will be created before that date, but we can, using the current rankings, map out what the pots are at present, although they will likely change to some degree before the pool drawings. Without further ado, here are the current pots based on the rankings on March 11, 2013.

Pot 1
Texas A&M
University of Texas
University of Maryland
Boston University
Baylor University
Emerson College
Hofstra University
Miami University
Silicon Valley Skrewts
Marquette University
Ball State

Pot 2
Texas State
University of Southern California
University of Michigan
Bowling Green State University
University of Kansas
Tufts University
Michigan State University
Penn State University
Arizona State University
University of Ottawa
Central Michigan University

Pot 3
University of Arkansas
University of South Florida
University of Pittsburgh
Northern Arizona University
University of California Berkeley
Johns Hopkins University
Lost Boys
Louisiana State University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Tennessee Technological University
Ohio State University
University of Rochester

Pot 4
University of Florida
SUNY Geneseo
Austin Quidditch
University of Minnesota
Purdue University
New York University
University of Richmond
Virginia Commonwealth University
Florida State University
Oklahoma State University
QC Carolinas

Pool 5
University of Massachusetts
Fleming College
University of Texas San Antonio
Boston Riot
Paris Phenix
Silver Phoenixes
Illinois State University
University of Southern Mississippi
Milano Meneghins
University of Toronto
Tec Quidditch